Best German Wildlife Documentaries

A look at the best FREE German Wildlife documentaries.


1. German Wildlife's Spring Awakening | Germany's Underworld | Real Wild

Duration: 49:47

Published: April 9, 2022

Views: 31337+


Channel: Real Wild

In the middle of winter in the highlands of Germany, snow covers the ground and the lakes are frozen over, While eagles penetrate the ice to try and find food, most of the marine life like carp and catfish lie dormant until it warms up again, with the exception of the pike who hunts all year round. As the winter comes to an end, we head towards the North Sea where the snow begins to melt, and encounter the wildlife awakening again for Spring, from toads and snakes, to beavers looking for their latest meal.#RealWild #Documentary

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2. The Wildlife Of The Alps and The River Rhine | Germany's Underworld | Real Wild

Duration: 49:22

Published: April 2, 2022

Views: 28244+


Channel: Real Wild

Germany's rivers, streams, and lakes behold an entire secret world hidden beneath the surface with creatures both big and small. From the Berchtesgaden National Park in the Alps to the River Rhine, this documentary explores how water flows. In the Spring when the sun melts the snow, the glaciers melt from below forming an underground cave, creating the ice back river. This river flows down the mountain leading to some of the highest waterfalls in Germany, flowing down through limestone creeks and into fjords. Explore the wildlife that lives in this water and see this rarely filmed environment!#RealWild #Documentary

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3. How Germany Brought This River Back From The Brink I Germany's Wild Amazon | Real Wild

Duration: 51:24

Published: February 12, 2022

Views: 47594+


Channel: Real Wild

In the heart of western Germany in the mountainous region of Bergisches Land, lies the Wupper, a river tributary which is part of the Rhine. The Wupper was once a great part of the industrialisation movement, but has now underdone a large regeneration project and is thriving with all kinds of wildlife such as owls, kingfishers, salamanders, foxes and crayfish.#RealWild #Documentary

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4. The Impact Of Captivity On Germany's Wolves | 4K Wildlife Documentary | Real Wild

Duration: 49:55

Published: October 5, 2021

Views: 315752+


Channel: Real Wild

In captivity, wolf packs follow a specific structure - with every member of the pack having their own role. This documentary follows wild wolves in Germany, those who have never been in captivity, and looks at how their behavior differs from those we see in our sanctuaries. Follow several wild wolf packs and watch as they hunt, play and fight with each other in the great open wilderness of Germany. Content licensed by ZDF Enterprises to Little Dot Studios.#RealWild #Documentary

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