Best Large Mammals Documentaries

A look at the best FREE Large Mammals documentaries.


1. Massive Mammals Compilation: Rhinos, Elephants & Hippos | Austin Stevens Adventures | Real Wild

Duration: 02:28:47

Published: March 12, 2022

Views: 230344+


Channel: Real Wild

Follow along as wildlife photographer and naturalist Austin Stevens travels in search of the world's biggest mammals! In this compilation, Stevens begins in Sri Lanka arriving at a Buddhist festival and later seeks out the tusked Asian Elephant. He then travels to Swaziland in southern Africa to search for the rare Black Rhino, but will his efforts pay off? Finally Stevens ends his adventure in Zambia, taking all kinds of risks to get the best shot he can of the native Hippopotamus. 00:00-49:36- Sri Lanka's Elephants 49:37- 1:39:34 Swaziland's Black Rhino 1:39:35- 2:28:32 Zambian Hippopotamus#RealWild #Documentary

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2. Abandoned Baby Rhino Reunites With Mom | Wildlife Nannies | Real Wild

Duration: 26:14

Published: February 17, 2022

Views: 11891+


Channel: Real Wild

3-month-old Rhino Calf Layla was abandoned shortly after she was born. Veterinarian Dr. Viktor is working hard in the hopes of successfully reuniting her with her parents. Elsewhere 6-month-old pup Janice is working hard to train to become a part of the Tyrollean wilderness rescue team, will she be up to the challenge?#RealWild #Documentary

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3. The Incredible Hippo Whisperer Of Tanzania (Nature Documentary) | Going Wild | Real Wild

Duration: 26:07

Published: June 12, 2021

Views: 27558+


Channel: Real Wild

Tanzania is home to an incredibly diverse roster of wildlife, including Africa's deadliest animal: the hippo. Follow wildlife naturalist Brian Keating as he journeys through Tanzania to meet the 'hippo whisperer' and encounters all the wondrous wildlife the East African coastal nation has to offer. The Hippo Whisperer Of Tanzania (Full Documentary HD) | Going Wild | Real Wild #RealWild #Documentary #Tanzania

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4. Fantastic Giants: Nature's Biggest Animals | Magic Of Nature | Real Wild

Duration: 25:02

Published: December 22, 2020

Views: 13145+


Channel: Real Wild

At the top of every food chain is a killer, a hunter, a creature that towers above the rest. Nature's fantastic giants. #RealWild #Documentary

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