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1. Nevada Sanctuary With Lions, Tigers and Wolves (Wildlife Documentary HD) | Predator Pets | Real Wild

Duration: 45:43

Published: October 2, 2021

Views: 31851+


Channel: Real Wild

In Pahrum, Nevada, we meet Zuzana Kukol and her husband Scott Shoemaker - and their 10-acre compound filled with rescued Lions, Wolves, Tigers and Ligers. The tigers in particular have some uncommon best friends, in the form of dogs who are rescued from the wild. Meet the Australian man with a pet Dingo, the largest apex predator of Australia. After years of rumours of dingoes being violent, can they be good pets? And finally we head to Las Vegas to Ken Foose's Exotic Pet Store, where you can buy anything from a hedgehog all the way up to giant snakes

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