Best Penguin Documentaries

A look at the best FREE Penguin documentaries.


1. Meet The Penguins At Edinburgh Zoo!

Duration: 00:59

Published: May 30, 2022

Views: 4253+


Channel: Real Wild

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2. World's Biggest Penguin Colony In Antarctica [4K] | Art Wolfe's Travels To The Edge | Real Wild

Duration: 46:07

Published: November 23, 2021

Views: 25566+


Channel: Real Wild

Art Wolfe travels to the remote regions of Antarctica, the Falkland Islands, and the South Georgia Islands where he documents the undisturbed wildlife and beautiful nature. In the remote Falkland Islands, Art comes across thousands of Albatross birds. He then travels by boat to Antartica where he is greeted by Gentoo penguins making nests out of pebbles. Further along in his journey, Art can be found on the remote South Georgia Islands where he is surrounded by the world’s largest colony of King penguins, Elephant Seals, and the massive Wandering Albatross bird. Content licensed by APT Worldwide to Little Dot

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3. The Sub-Zero World Of Penguins (Wildlife Documentary) | Wild About | Real Wild

Duration: 23:56

Published: August 15, 2020

Views: 6902+


Channel: Real Wild

Wrap up warm, we're taking a journey to the sub-zero Antarctic to meet some of the animal kingdom's most beloved feathered friends. #RealWild #Documentary

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4. The Zoo Prepares For Chicks After Successful Penguin Mating Season | Zoo Days EP16 | Real Wild

Duration: 21:44

Published: June 4, 2020

Views: 6841+


Channel: Real Wild

After a great breeding season on Penguin Island, Chester Zoo prepare for the birth of even more pesky penguins. #RealWild #Documentary

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