One man's drastic action to set loose his vast collection of exotic animals opened up a chaotic animal massacre that made global headlines overnight. After exploring the tragedy of Zanesville, this episode of Predator Pets travels to Las Vegas to get up close and personal with the Monkey Whisperer Lisa Whitaker and her long-time capuchin companion Mugwhy. We then adventure on to the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park to visit Joe, the exotic animal conservationist, and country musician. This episode takes you on a rollercoaster ride showcasing very different exotic animal owners. Predator Pets: Thousands of people around the world keep pets that most of us would consider extreme. The list of options is long, alligators, bears, wolves, snakes, chimpanzees, deer, bison and many more. But to the pet owners, their relationship with their animals goes way beyond owning a dog or cat, to them, the danger factor is a positive rather than a problem. But have we crossed the line by keeping wild and undomesticated animals as pets, is it a case of the wilderbeest asking the crocodile if it likes to swim? The series investigates extreme pet ownership through interviews with owners, vets, zoo keepers, town officials, police and neighbours. Joe Exotic: The Story Of The Tiger King | Predator Pets | Real Wild Content licensed by Cineflix to Little Dot Studios.#RealWild #Documentary #TigerKing