The Man Who’s Part Of A Wolf Pack | Predator Pets | Real Wild

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Wolves may be the ancestors of our most beloved house pet, the dog, but they're far from being an animal you can cuddle up with on the couch. We go inside Steve Martin's working wildlife wolf pen and discover what it's like working with these incredible animals. In this episode of predator pets, we also meet Australia's longest-running family circus and Randy Miller, the man who owns a 400-pound bear. Predator Pets: Thousands of people around the world keep pets that most of us would consider extreme. The list of options is long, alligators, bears, wolves, snakes, chimpanzees, deer, bison, and many more. But to the pet owners, their relationship with their animals goes way beyond owning a dog or cat, to them, the danger factor is a positive rather than a problem. The series investigates extreme pet ownership through interviews with owners, vets, zookeepers, town officials, police, and neighbors. Content licensed by Cineflix to Little Dot Studios.#RealWild #Documentary #PredatorPets

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