The Sedna 4 team travels to Komodo island in Indonesia to learn more about the infamous Komodo dragons. As they are joined by biologists Achmad and Denny, they will work to undertake a a population census of the dragons on a number of islands in the area. The team locates the dragons to track their population for conservation purposes, as well as interview some of the locals to understand how the villagers and dragons manage to coexist. Next, the Sedna 4 team travels to the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean. On the island of Grand Cayman, the population explosion has reduced the habitat of already threatened species, such as the rare blue iguana. Considered extinct in the wild, biologist Fred has made it his mission to save them from extinction. Elsewhere in the Caribbean, some Indo-pacific fish were accidentally released into the sea back in the 1990’s. This lionfish has reproduced and populated the Caribbean at an alarming rate, causing other species to decline up to 80%. The team meets with local divers to see how they keep the lionfish population in tact.#RealWild #Documentary