Best Wild Cat Documentaries

A look at the best FREE Wild Cat documentaries.


1. Rare Siberian Wild Cat Rescued From London Garden | Wildlife Patrol | Real Wild

Duration: 21:46

Published: August 7, 2021

Views: 11392+


Channel: Real Wild

A rare Amur leopard cat is found in a London garden, a porpoise needs rescuing when it gets stranded up the River Clyde, and members of the Humberside Police unit try to track down suspected illegal hare coursers. Rare Siberian Wildcat Rescued From London Cemetery | Wildlife Patrol | Real Wild #RealWild #Documentary #WildlifePatrol

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2. Incredibly Rare Underwater Hunting Cat Is On The Brink Of Extinction | On The Brink | Real Wild

Duration: 21:48

Published: October 25, 2020

Views: 9491+


Channel: Real Wild

The State Animal of West Bengal is in conflict with the people and time is running out. Malaika Vaz joins hands with biologist Tiasa Adhya to film fishing cats in the wild, in the hope that they can show the community how resilient and important their closest wild neighbor is. Incredibly Rare Underwater Hunting Cat Is On The Brink Of Extinction | On The Brink | Real Wild #RealWild #Documentary #FishingCat #AnimalsOnTheBrink

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3. African Wildcat Mother Protects Her Kittens | Nature's Babies | Real Wild

Duration: 50:36

Published: January 30, 2020

Views: 69802+


Channel: Real Wild

The black mamba is born without its mother and has to learn how to hunt by itself. Meanwhile, African wildcat kittens grow up under the watchful, protective eye of the mother. We also meet a pair of baby snakes who don't fancy sharing their meal with each other. These fascinating specials celebrate some of the most intriguing, exciting and adorable animal babies. Growing up can be fun for these cuties but it also has its traumas. We see how at every stage of a baby animal's development it learns to fend for itself. Just how well it copes with each

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